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{034} Misc - elizabeth olsen, emilia clarke, amber heard, rebecca hall, lucy hale, gaspard ulliel, felicity jones, alicia vikander, katie cassidy, suburgatory


Long time since the last post! I haven't been able to make new icons in the past months because of work so here I am with a tiny batch of old icons, mostly 20in20 extras

1-13. elizabeth olsen; 14-16. emilia clarke

17-20. amber heard

21-24. rebecca hall

25-28. lucy hale

29-30. gaspard ulliel; 31. felicity jones; 32. alicia vikander; 33. katie cassidy; 34. suburgatory

- Please give credit if you use any of them.
- Comments are love.
- Do not hotlink.
Tags: #icons, actor: gaspard ulliel, actress: alicia vikander, actress: amber heard, actress: elizabeth olsen, actress: emilia clarke, actress: felicity jones, actress: katie cassidy, actress: lucy hale, actress: rebecca hall, tv: suburgatory
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